What is Boudoir, Beauty, and Glamour photography?

Boudoir is a very artistic and sensual form of photography whose sole purpose is displaying a woman's true beauty. Every woman is beautiful and unique and our goal is to show you just how truly beautiful you are.  
We also offer Glamour or Beauty sessions for those who do not want as revealing of photos but still want to look and feel beautiful, confident, and strong. For these sessions you get all the same perks of the boudoir but the shoot is styled to be not quite as sensual.

Both Boudoir and Glamour/Beauty sessions are about capturing YOUR beauty and to forever preserve these moments in time for you and your love. Its never too late to have these taken, be confident in yourself and love your own body.
You Are Beautiful


Why should you book a boudoir or glamour session?

Many ladies choose to do boudoir sessions for the love of their life. Whether its the bride-to-be or the couple who's been married for years and wants to spice things up, Boudoir photography is a perfect sensual gift to give your partner. Or treat yourself to a girls day out and book a session for yourself to capture beautiful portraits to preserve your beauty in time to look back on for years to come.

What to wear? 

For your boudoir session, you should wear something you feel confident and sexy in. Remember, this is all about you.

Whatever you decide to wear or the style you're looking for, you need to feel confident in yourself, whether its sexy lingerie, his shirt, your favorite dress, or just the bed sheet barely covering you, its important that you are comfortable. Relax, have fun, and remember, you are beautiful! 
Lingerie guide and tips is available for clients who book a boudoir session and I will happily help you plan your outfits if you would like any advise or have me review your choices.

What to expect? 

You will have an amazing time during your session. I provide my clients with a wonderful, relaxed environment that will make you feel comfortable. During the session, I will help guide you through poses that will be most flattering for your body type and accentuate your favorite features. 
When you arrive, our amazing team of Hair & Makeup will pamper you and bring out that beauty that is within you. 

When you book your session, I will send you my Dream Shoot Planner so give you more information and shopping tips to help prepare you for your amazing session with Mandy's Boudoir Beauties.  

Images will be fully edited which consists of light airbrushing to smooth your skin, covering blemishes, and enhancing your portraits into beautiful art. Your body will not be altered or reshaped. Products and Digitals are purchased separately unless otherwise stated below in the Collections. Boudoir & Beauty clients generally spend $2500 or more in heirloom products.
Albums begin at $1500


The images that are taken are private. They will not be shared or displayed without your written permission.






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